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Royal Square at Novena is located at the junction of Thomson Road and Irrawaddy Road. It provides residents lots of easy choices of transportation. Besides, you can take your kids to Balestier school, a primary school if you want. Balestier Hill Primary School (BHPS) was established in January 2002 (a merger of Moulmein Primary School and Swiss Cottage Primary School) with Dr Irene Ho as the first Principal. Its key personnel and teachers were mainly from the two schools. The school aims to achieve the desired outcomes of education i.e. to develop the unique talents and abilities of every child to the full and teaches him to be morally upright, culturally rooted yet understanding and respecting difference, responsible to family, community and country.

Royal Square at Novena will help you find a good education for your children. You will not be worried about their study, attitude, behavior... At Balestier Hill Primary school, your kids will be educated about the values in life such as love, Honour,or unity...The school shows concern for classmates by helping and sharing, caring others by participating in Community Involvement program, loving by not fighting... The school also educated for the students the honour by not telling lies, admitting mistakes, accepting punishments... Especially, the school teaches the young how to work team. This helps them enhance the unity characteristics.

Internationalization Trip
Internationalization Trip


Come to Royal Square at Novena. It is convenient for you to choose a good school for kids. Balestier Hill Primary school is one of the education institution you should be interested in. It leads your young towards scholastic excellence and a spirit of service exemplifying graciousness, integrity and innovation. Balestier Hill Primary school where our young become scholars and servant leaders with grace, integrity and a spirit of innovation. 

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