In the Heart of Future Novena Healthcare Complex - Introducing Royal Square at Novena


A masterplan for Singapore's single largest healthcare complex in the Novena area was unveiled . Novena will soon boast a 17-hectare mega integrated healthcare hub built around Tan Tock Seng Hospital- named Health City Novena. When completed, Novena will have the country’s biggest health-care complex by 2030. Located at the central of Novena, Royal Square at Novena will benefit much from this master-plan.Health City Novena was spearheaded by Tan Tock Seng Hospital, the National Healthcare Group and the Health Ministry. All public and volunteer health-care facilities there, plus Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine, are physically linked up by aerial bridges and underpasses to create a more seamless transition for patients as they move from one facility to another for varying levels of care.  With the announcement of Novena Medical Complex, Here are the top reasons when consider investing in Royal Square at Novena:

  • Location - MRT Station is just below Royal Square at Novena. Further more, Tan Tock Seng - the heart of Heath City Novena- is also nearby. Location is still a fundamental factor for a property. With the right location, your business grows being Medical Suites, Shops or Restaurant
  • Demand - Aging is faster in Central Singapore than the rest of the country -- the population of seniors aged 65 and above in the area is about 15 per cent, compared to the national average of 10 per cent. Furthermore, Medical Tourism is booming as Singapore is becoming the hub of Asia. There is a pentup demand for medical facilities and supported services for both local and international citizens.
  • Your class of assets and timing: - With the new cooling measures to cub residential properties, investment in commercial properties is becoming very hot ! All investors, being local or foreing are eyeing for opportunities in Commercial Properties. Medical Suites are one of a rare kind of commercial properties to be sought after. By the time Health City Novena has been built around 2030, the number of people visiting its premises every day is expected to be about 30,000. Therefore, there is a need for supported services like shops and restaurants ( and hotels).

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